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          介紹學校的英語作文 Our School 

          作者: admin來源: 網絡文章 時間: 2017-06-29

          Our school is in the center city.There are six grades and thirty classes in it.The number of students is more than two thousand.We have two teaching buildings ,a big library,and a large playground there many trees and nice flowers in the school.We often keep it clean and it looks beautiful.


          We love our school !



          Today is planting day. Our class have a meaningful activity. All of our classmates go to plant flowers outside the school gate. We got the flower seeding from others. We first clea...[閱讀全文]

          Dear Miss Liang, 親愛的梁老師: I am writing tothank you for your hard work for me. With your help, I make great progress inmy study. A year ago, my study was bad and I didn't want...[閱讀全文]

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